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A misguided attempt at curing his depression with magic, leads Thiu having to live with his other self. Mages are apparently as unreliable as you are. What now?

Miserable comedy about self loathing.

Great read if you hate yourself!

- 3 endings  (+1 bad)
-  23k words

- Dark humor
- Explicit language
- General degeneracy


What is in the extras:

- All the game sprites
- 16:9 high res version of the end cards (2560 x 1440 px)
- Cut content
- Doodles and sketches
- My work process for backgrounds, main menu, and end cards

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(216 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withKrita, Ren'Py
TagsBoys' Love, Dark Humor, Multiple Endings
Average sessionA few hours


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this game actually changed me like i see the world in a different perspective now

I pray this change was for the better. If not, oh god I'm sorry lol.

Thiu is so babygirl im not even joking. i knew i had to give this game a chance as soon as i saw his face (worth it)

Holy shit this game was amazing. It's a major bummer but also, like, not? Somehow??? This kind of dark, nihilistic humor is exactly my jam. The art's really distinctive, and although it took me a couple minutes to get accustomed to it, I ended up absolutely loving it. The ending CGs in particular were incredible, and I loved all the little details crammed into them--the couple ending CG in particular was sooooo fucking funny I giggled out loud like a maniac. 

There were definitely some painfully relatable moments, too. In particular, this dialogue sequence:
"But that doesn't mean I want to live either!"
was like a punch in the gut because wooooooow I have had that sequence of thoughts too many times over my life....

But in a weird way this game felt optimistic. Like, it's okay to be a miserable loser with no social skills, you can still improve yourself little by little, and there will always be someone else out there more despicable than you (looking at you, Lua). And if no one else will be your friend, just be your own friend xD

Anyway, sorry for the rambly post, but this is the kind of game that deserves a stream-of-consciousness review rather than some drab, well-thought-out essay :P

Art - 10/10

Story- 10/10

Concept - 10/10

Execution - 10/10

Overall - Perfection

Literally one of the best visual novels I have ever played. I will no doubt be writing fanfiction. Overall, to anybody who's reading the comments. FUCKING PLAY IT.

I just discovered this game and haven't started playing it yet


there's something about the design and style of art that just makes my heart work (or however the hell you want to describe that- idk It makes me excited and does something for me. My brain is happy because of the art ig?)

anyways I'm excited to start playing :D

Oh snap. I hope the story doesn't end up being a massive disappointment then HAHA! Well either way, thank you kindly. I'm delighted the visuals are to your liking.

I finished the game and got all the endings

and idk why the game made me so happy but it did 😭

I like how they care about each other and do stuff for each other

anyways 🚶

same ngl :3

I really love this game honestly, it’s really well done and I love the art for it. I’ve been planning make fan-art for it too but I’m not sure what to tag with.

Genuinely enjoy this a lot, love stories where a character has a mirror image or "doppleganger" or sorts, so this drew interest right away. Definitely pleased to get the ending wanted most on the first try too.

(1 edit)

Why can I relate to Thiu so much?? I have depression and anxiety like he does! I honestly think that makes this even better! It's nice that you gave a funny twist to it! I'll definitely check out your other games. :)

This game also makes me thankful that there's only one of me. Phew... xD

Finally saw it

so cuteeeee i love the ending (3) 

a bit weird in that sense, but honestly could not see a better couple 🫶

could you tell me how you got that ending please?


This is honestly one of the most unique games I've ever come across!! And super funny!

This game was really great! I loved the comedy aspect and the art and character expressions were really well done. Looking forward to any and all future projects!

i'm in love with this game honesty!!!

and the story, the drawings,the characters!!! everythings is incredible !

personally i have no one to share this game with but-

Nemlei, keep going i love your games !!!!

personnaly i reconize myself in both sides of Thiu but more in the "miserable" one :')

Thank you kindly, I will! Hope you'll like my future works as well.

This game really made me laugh. The way that the characters spoke and acted felt so real, which is probably why they were so funny! I also loved how the artwork in this game made everyone look like a combination of anime characters and cartoons. I am going to be playing "Candy Scabs" and "Divilethion" after finishing this comment, but I already know that I am going to love them! I am excited to see what Nemlei does next. That is, if they are still interested in making more games.

I've been trying to get the bad ending forever, any guides?


i made an account just to say how amazing this game was, it was a great experience start from finish

Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it.

This is an absolute masterpiece and I still loved every bit of it after playing it for the second time(with all routes and possible choices completed) 

btw may I have your permission to translate this game to Chinese for noncommercial purposes? I really hope that more people will know about your game:)

Thank you very much! I'm happy you found this silly story worth playing a second time, haha!

Yes, you have my permission for noncommercial purposes. Just mention somewhere it's a fan translation, and it's all good. I'm grateful you want to share my work!

Thank you very much! It's my pleasure to have your authorization!(。・ω・。)ノ♡

Hi Nemlei! If you are currently operating on itch platform, I would like to let you know that I am still in the process of translating the script & screen file. Now I was wondering that after I have completed the translation, wether I will need your help to put the translated file on this page as an independent download item, or do I need to create the tl file independently in the game package? In the end, I enjoyed the whole translation process! It's really fun to revisit the script every time!

Hello! Feel free to post it independently. I only ask you leave my name in the credits intact. Thank you for your efforts! I'm glad to hear it has been enjoyable.


Really great! The writing was stellar. This is one of those gems to me. A good balance of humor with self-loathing. It made me realize how much I liked the idea of meeting another version of yourself. I liked the conception of magic and the atmosphere you built for the world. We only see a little bit but I was really engrossed by the hints we see of a bigger backstory for the magicians. You're very good at creating snapshots of a world diverging just a bit from the one we know. All around wonderful. I also really liked the music for the title screen, it gets stuck in my head sometimes.

It always brings me great joy to hear someone has enjoyed what I've created. Thank you very much for playing, and for your kind words!

I love this game and all of your other works!

I love every bit of this game!!

Thank you. You're so kind!

This game is adorable. I loved the plot and the art, it was all amazing. Looking forward to your other works.

My friend told me about this game earlier, when i downloaded it- I STARTED TO LOVE IT VERY MUCH i played until i get all of the ends

Really well written game! I loved the art

(1 edit)

ngl ms. mage is really cute- 

edit: I feel like I'm going to hell for the jokes I've laughed at, but I haven't laughed this much in a while

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCHHHH. The art, the music, the plot..... and Thiu is so cute tho, everything is amazing! i gotta try the other games you make.

God I fucking loved this! I am not done playing and plan on playing through the WHOLE THING!!

Nemlei knocks it out of the park again! Got the usual fantastic artwork and wonderful dark humour, and once again a simple "what if?" type concept was turned into something wonderful. Hilarious in places, grim and poignant in others, and there's enough variation across the three routes to make them all worth playing. Thiu's depression and anxiety was handled respectfully despite the humour, and the supporting cast were all interesting despite the brief time they had for development. Loved it!

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i played a visual novel and enjoyed it, my reality is falling apart

Hi, would it okay to make a fan-game or mod for another game using your characters non-commercially? I would be making my own assets and providing credit that you are the original creator of the characters.

Hello! I added information about that on my profile page. Please read it, and if you agree with it, go ahead. ^^

Thank you! All that is specified goes along with my intent, so I'll be going ahead indeed.

hi slimeblob, are you still working on that mod? i'm intrigued

No, not anymore. I'm just not too interested in the base game I was working with right now. If I do end up making a fan-game/mod though I'll let you know. I do like using Thiu as pixel art practice so it's not out of the question.

Watch all my videos of this game back to back here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZbcG5OH0cXPcL7XJ_H37OxK7Aqp-mVO

Bro i loved this game, great humor, amazing art, good story. Overall amazing, really what I think of as the prime example of a visual novel, even despite the relative short length (i did just about everything within 3-ish hours) of content, its still got a lot to explore and provides a great experience.

(1 edit)

My final video of this amazing game is here watch it now:

This was a super fun play!

please make more games like this 10/10

this game is great but the laughing sound effect sounds like a wet fart

its either that i didn't hear the sound effect or there is no laughing sound effect and you just shit your pants

I love this!!


amazing game! 11/10|

This is fucking amazing.

I love this game so much, I've replayed it a bunch of times because the story is so compelling, its so relatable (not the soul splitting XD,) and I cant wait to see more of your work!

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