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A misguided attempt at curing his depression with magic, leads Thiu having to live with his other self. Mages are apparently as unreliable as you are. What now?

Miserable comedy about self loathing.

Great read if you hate yourself!

- 3 endings  (+1 bad)
-  23k words

- Dark humor
- Explicit language
- General degeneracy


What is in the extras:

- All the game sprites
- 16:9 high res version of the end cards (2560 x 1440 px)
- Cut content
- Doodles and sketches
- My work process for backgrounds, main menu, and end cards


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My friend told me about this game earlier, when i downloaded it- I STARTED TO LOVE IT VERY MUCH i played until i get all of the ends

Really well written game! I loved the art

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ngl ms. mage is really cute- 

edit: I feel like I'm going to hell for the jokes I've laughed at, but I haven't laughed this much in a while

I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCHHHH. The art, the music, the plot..... and Thiu is so cute tho, everything is amazing! i gotta try the other games you make.

God I fucking loved this! I am not done playing and plan on playing through the WHOLE THING!!

Nemlei knocks it out of the park again! Got the usual fantastic artwork and wonderful dark humour, and once again a simple "what if?" type concept was turned into something wonderful. Hilarious in places, grim and poignant in others, and there's enough variation across the three routes to make them all worth playing. Thiu's depression and anxiety was handled respectfully despite the humour, and the supporting cast were all interesting despite the brief time they had for development. Loved it!

i played a visual novel and enjoyed, my reality is falling apart

Hi, would it okay to make a fan-game or mod for another game using your characters non-commercially? I would be making my own assets and providing credit that you are the original creator of the characters.

Hello! I added information about that on my profile page. Please read it, and if you agree with it, go ahead. ^^

Thank you! All that is specified goes along with my intent, so I'll be going ahead indeed.

hi slimeblob, are you still working on that mod? i'm intrigued

No, not anymore. I'm just not too interested in the base game I was working with right now. If I do end up making a fan-game/mod though I'll let you know. I do like using Thiu as pixel art practice so it's not out of the question.

Watch all my videos of this game back to back here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZbcG5OH0cXPcL7XJ_H37OxK7Aqp-mVO

Bro i loved this game, great humor, amazing art, good story. Overall amazing, really what I think of as the prime example of a visual novel, even despite the relative short length (i did just about everything within 3-ish hours) of content, its still got a lot to explore and provides a great experience.

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My final video of this amazing game is here watch it now:

This was a super fun play!

please make more games like this 10/10

this game is great but the laughing sound effect sounds like a wet fart

its either that i didn't hear the sound effect or there is no laughing sound effect and you just shit your pants

I love this!!


amazing game! 11/10|

This is fucking amazing.

I love this game so much, I've replayed it a bunch of times because the story is so compelling, its so relatable (not the soul splitting XD,) and I cant wait to see more of your work!

Part 5 is out!!!

Youvcan now watch Part 4 here:

okay so I've been reading through the comments and I noticed that some other Mac users were having trouble with opening it (even though most of them are from 2 months ago and probably won't see this), so here's the solution: 

Click on the file, then right-click on the renpy icon, go to the "show package contents" option

Go Contents > MacOS

Click the exec file and it should run from there. If it asks which application to run it with, enable all applications and select Terminal (you might have to search for it).

It should work after that!

I should probably also talk about the actual game but spoilers for anyone scrolling before playing, because I'm gonna talk about the endings:

I got all 3 endings, and I remember with the first 2 I was like "oh, I wish he felt better" because when he's merged he talks to himself and he's still lonely even though his life is so much better, but when he's halved it talks about how they have an okay-is life stuck together, which still doesn't sound very happy. 

So RIP decency because it's the only ending the Thius are happy with I guess

Love this game! The story, art, writing, and music are all great! Although I only got the Merge and Halved endings since I don't know how to get the third one lol.


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WOW just WOW

great characters,  beautiful artwork, intriguing story  

loved every second of it!

I will be very happy if you made a sequel to the story 

I would be happy to play it! :)


"you think im ugly </3" Thiu is honestly very pretty tho 馃槼 this game is wonderful <333

another underrated game,i'm in love with everything in this game,all the finals ,the art style,the story,the characters and all!

I'd really like to see another game of this where you could play as another character and try to help him possibly? i dunno, this game just made me so sad like i just wanna help him he deserves better

Part 3 is here! 

This is a story about a miserable person, and me being miserable myself found this very entertaining. Love it! :D

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Hi, a visual novel lover here. I would like to know, what is the minimum age you recommend for reading/playing this vn?

This novel is aimed at young adults.  I can't say a specific age, because language ratings differ from country to country.

Probably 15-16 because the game talks about deep things like depression and suicide

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i love the  game a lot so far.

I loved this!! I love the art, the whole plot, and i did not expect those sex jokes LMAO

but i love thiu so much omg he deserved better

Hi! It's me again. Part2 is out! Go check it if you want:

Hey guys I am planning to do a full walkthrough of the game in my new YouTube channel! Part 1 is already out, so if you want to support my new begging i would appreciate if you watched and liked the video!

Hello! :D I absolutely loved your visual novel! Very interesting conflict, splitting a person in half to personify an inner conflict. I also played Divilethion, I think you're a very promising game developer.

Would you be interested in collaborating some time? ^^ I'm also a writer and a dev and I would like the possibility of working with you.

when i first played it the happy thiu ended up dying because he drank poison lmao i'm really happy that the secind time none of them died and that they could live a good live altough they diden't get togheter :(

I try several times in history mode enjoy play

This is such a neat and fun game! I really am enjoying the writing, art, and music, and the visual novel is implemented in a really smooth-to-play way. I'm excited to finish the rest of it! I'm really fond of Thiu, and all the other characters, as well.

I've gotten the first part out and am already so excited to play part 2. The writing is realistic and relatable (minus the magic I suppose) and the characters are interestingly written. I like the story so far and the art style is nice. Great job!

Nice! I watched both part 1 and 2. I like how clever the titles were, hahah!

It's always interesting to hear what kind of thoughts people have while reading. Thanks a bunch for playing and making these videos. ^^

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