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I don't know if it means much from some random stranger on the internet, but let me just say that this visual novel is probably one of the best ones on this entire website. If it's alright, I also made a Let's Play on this game, and here's Episode 1:

It's hard to say why I ended liking this game as much as I did, but if I had to guess, I think the writing style is simply a lot more natural and straightforward than even full-priced visual novels I've played in the past, and therefore enjoyable to read. Of course, the art is solid too and the sense of humour is right up my alley.

Normally, I'd have constructive criticism or something, though I swear Nemlei seems to be a veteran visual novel developer in disguise because it's difficult to place my finger on what needs improvement beyond a few minor typos in the script. I guess the only thing is, maybe, it'd would've been interesting to explore the "bad end" route a little further, but I think I'm just morbid.

Anyway, needless to say, thank you for developing Better Half as well as the previous title, Divilethion, and I wish you the best for any possible future projects!

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Good lord that was hilarious! The way your remarks kept matching with the incoming dialogue, HAHA!! Great minds think alike, huh? That was just perfect.

I'm so embarrassed of that one instance where Lua speaks instead of Thiu. Goddamn, how did I miss that? Gonna fix that as soon as I see the rest of your episodes (and witness what other dumbass mistakes I've missed lmao)! I'll fix them all in one go, hopefully.

Thank you so much for playing both this and Divilethion. And for saying such kinds things, I'm very flattered!! <////< <3

Anyway. Dear random stranger on the internet, your video was the funniest thing I've seen in a long while. Consider me a subscriber.

EDIT: Alright, I saw your streams! Watched both and fixed some of them typos. Thanks again for playing! :D

I'm glad you like the playthrough!

It's funny to me that you went ahead and found the full stream VODs though, I just don't expect anybody to watch them on Twitch. I don't really hide it, but from my experience, viewers tend to watch video content on Youtube instead and that's why it's all transferred over there.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, do you have any other social media platforms to follow? It seems like here is the only way to see your stuff, but I'm just curious to see anything else you might have made (i.e. art and whatnot).

I couldn't wait to see the rest, so I went out of my way to find them, hahah!!

I don't have any other social media platforms. Just itchio. <u<

I've read both Divilethion and Jackastle (as my friend and I call it cause why not?) and your really witty writing still makes me laugh. The way the characters bicker with each other and intentionally misconstrue what the other is saying is just bizarrely satisfying for some reason (and oh god, the puns). I really felt happy with the Thius when they played games together and hid in their coocoon. After being in quarantine for so long, it made me envious of two dumb clones (technically that is what they are I guess) being idiots together for a little while.

Honestly I think the main thing I want more out of these games is for the endings to be a bit more fleshed out. I feel like there's a lot of interesting situations that could come out of the Thius living and dealing with each other - and god forbid them dealing with the rapid aging and all the social weirdness that would entail would be fascinating. I kinda felt that way about Diviethion's good ending as well, because I wanted to see how a stable life between them would work out. It felt like they were going out into uncharted territory, had me in suspense, and then it just kind of ended. Maybe I also just want an excuse to spend more time with these characters. XD

I have to ask because I'm curious, but how did you decide on the names for the characters? Did you name Jerkface Lua because you've had bad experiences with Lua the programming language in the past? And ik somewhere in there you make a self-deprecating remark about Thiu being a dumb name. Is there a reason you picked it if you didn't like it? I personally think it sounds silly in a good way, almost like it's trying and failing to sound posh, and that kind of fits him as semi-clueless outcast to society.

Haha, I wish my name choosing methods were that intricate. I name the characters by looking at their design and thinking "Hmm, this one looks like something fancy that starts with chir or cher. Ohh, Cherlaliere!! But that'd be a nightmare to pronounce... I'll make it Cherlie instead!"

That's how Thiu's and Lua's name were decided as well. I don't dislike Thiu's name, and I also don't have any bad experiences with Lua the programming language (no experiences actually, as I only know Python and a bit of GDScript lol).

What you said about fleshing out the endings has given me some food for thought! Perhaps in the future (time allowing) I could make some endings unlock special little episodes that show the aftermath? That way the story itself wouldn't drag on after it's conflict is resolved, but you'd still get to see how things play out on the long run? That could be fun! :D

Thanks a bunch for playing all my visual novels aaaa!! Q__Q

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That's funny with the names, I think I read somewhere that George R R Martin does something similar actually. I was honestly spending a non-zero amount of thought on Lua's name. At some point, I was like "is it something to do with him representing the moon?", since that's what the programming language's name means in Portuguese. XD

I think mini-episodes would work, but honestly, I don't feel like adding more stuff after the resolution would kill the pace as long as it's still interesting. I think with some of the endings my brain is still in "I wanna see what happens next" mode because it feels like there's still a lot more to learn about the Thiu(s). Mini-vignettes would def still be great though.

You're welcome, your writing's a lot of fun to read. :)

I love this game so much !!!

The art is just incredible ( I really adore the art style and the colors ), the music/sfx are very nice to hea, and the writing is just impeccable !!

the plot is very interesting and immersive, the type that makes you wanna play the game more than once. 

I really love how you portrayed Thiu ( and the other characters as well ), as someone who have been struggling with problems... quite similars? to his, it is nice to relate to some character from time to time ( although it is kinda depressing that i relate to someone like Thiu DSHJKH what i mean is that the characters are very well-written and complex in their very own way ).

congrats for the good work !! it made my day 100000x better HSDJHD

Stay safe and take care ^^ <3

This is some high praise! Thank you very much. <3

I'm happy something about my novel resonated with you. Well, happy but also sad you've been through such struggles. I hope life treats you kinder in the future!

Thanks for playing! Take care! ^^

aw, thank you :"0 i hope too, tbh hdhfjh

also, if it isn't a bother, could you please tell me some tips in how to get the couple ending? :''0 i can't seem to get it, although i tried a lot.. i always get the bad ending :'''0

While the uninvited visitor is in your house, choose the option "I want to merge back!!"

I know it's counter-intuitive, hahah! But you'll see. 



but thank you!! now i can finally rest in peace ( common decency did, i guess.. )SHDJSHDJ 

Alright, good! HAHAHAH!!! XD

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I love this game!! Everything from the art to the music to the writing is so clean and I feel so immersed in the story. I can't decide if I like the merge or the couple end better! I kinda  wish I had another me to date but I don't want to die at 40, haha

Thank you very much! I'm happy you like the game! <3

Maybe one day Lua finishes that potion, and then we can all split and not worry about dying early lol.

Yes PLEASE- ;w;

Awesome game! Didn't get a lot of time out of it, but every second was thoroughly enjoyed!

I quickly grew to love the story, it knew what it was doing and wasn't completely tone-deaf like I thought it'd be. It was charming, mature, realistically humourous and even made me squeal 4 times from how cute the Thius can be!  My only complaint with the game really is that "I thought it'd be" a really bad, edgy attempt at dark humour, but it completely beat my expectations and I only wish it was longer.

The three endings were all great, the bad ending was handled in the best way possible and I commend the creator for seeing that that's the most mature way to present the results of the character's failing.. but then the creator can also PayPal me €3 for more tissues cause fuck man why would you do that sob

I'd talk more specifics but I wouldn't be doing the experience justice, all I can say for now is check this game the fuck out and toss a coin to the creator while you're at it

(**MILD SPOILERS** Questions for the creator: which of the endings is "canon" in your eyes?  Did Vivian only make up with Lua and Tal because Lua continued the research and she likes Tal, or is there more to it? **MILD SPOILERS**)

Thank you for your kind review! You've made my day. ^^

I consider all the endings canon, but my favorite one is Merge. I feel like that one wraps up the story nicely. As for Vivian's motives, she wants to be friends with Tal. But the real reason she makes up with them is because she figures her life will be easier if she stays on Lua's good side. It's a kind of keep your friends close and enemies closer type of thing lol.

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:000 ooh pretty! i luv that scene too ;w;

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Hi! I have downloaded 'Better half' but my Mac Os cannot open it,  do you have any tips? Thank you!

Have you tried extracting the .zip into Applications folder?

Same thing happened to me. But it works if you downoload the app and download/open the game there

This was a great read!

Thank you!! <3

*finally decides to eat something at 6pm* for thiu

Excellent. Nutrients acquired successfully! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Loved this game!

I had already read Divilethion and I really like the way you write.

This one in particular felt pretty relatable in a bad way and also was pretty funny at the same time. Honestly Sad Thiu sections killed me!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. It's always nice to hear someone has read more than one of my visual novels! ;u; <3 

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wow, i've never left a comment on a game before but i felt compelled to after playing this! i thought the premise of your visual novel sounded interesting, but i wasn't quite sure if it would keep my attention span long enough to finish- and here i am, having gotten all of the endings (including bad end!)

a short but worthwhile game that takes about two to three hours to get every ending. i really enjoyed this game, beyond words. i found myself heavily relating to thiu, and even both of his halves (because truly, separating our emotions into a single form doesn't change the essence of ourselves in that form). i also quite enjoyed lua as a character! a perfectly snarky "antagonistic" type.


it took a bit for me to realize how to achieve the couple & bad end, because i kept picking all the negative options ^^; but i absolutely adored the cgs drawn for each ending, and all of the sprites are so well-done with such realistic emotions! i loved when both thiu's would have that sly smile.

the pacing felt great, the storytelling was on-point, and even if there were times where the humor was a little bit on-the-nose or overly self-deprecating, it didn't take away from the essence of the scene for me! i really enjoyed reading through all of the, er, "petty squabbles" between the thiu's, as well as between lua and vivian!

i'd definitely be interested in checking out your other vns based solely on how much i enjoyed this one, and i read the other comments and saw you are working on something new! i'll be anticipating that project as well!

edit: i really feel obligated to mention again how well-drawn these characters and cgs are, i feel like i haven't commended your art style enough in this comment! i really do admire the way you portray emotions in these characters!

Oh my, to be the first person you leave a comment to, makes me feel so special.
Thank you very much! I appreciate hearing your thoughts. It's very rewarding to know you've enjoyed something I made. TuT <3

I hope you'll be amused by my other visual novels as well! I'll also make a post here on itchio once the newest, larger project drops so stay tuned, my friend! >:D

Thank you again. I'm happy to know you liked both my art and storytelling!! Q__Q

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JUST FINISHED THE GAME. Short but sweet, took me about three or four hours to get every ending. The characters are adorable, gave Saffy (sad Thiu) and Haffy (happy Thiu) nicknames to differentiate themselves from each other, since, just as is mentioned in the game, it's easy to get confused. The artstyle was lovely, lot of fun just to stare at the backgrounds and CGs, the dialogue flows smoothly and was hilarious at times (I was cackling at Vivian's introduction), and the interactions were dynamic and interesting. Still disappointed that Vivian never got with Saffy, but oh well. One thing that's clear about the game is that it was made by Nemlei- the writing is unmistakably unique, and the setting mirrors Jack-in-a-Castle, and to a lesser extent Divilethion, in that it sets up a fun and interesting premise without creating an artificial need to explain why that premise exists.

My take on the endings (spoilers btw):

Merge - I enjoyed the detail of Thiu referring to himself as 'we' privately, and still keeping some of the split demeanor, as well as Thiu getting a job working for Vivian. It's bittersweet in that one of the Thius was killed off, even if only in body, and while arguably the best ending overall, it feels like Vivian making up with (to an extent) Lua happens largely with minimum involvement from Thiu.

Halved - I love the idea of the Thius being able to help each other, since, as I think one other commenter said, who doesn't want somebody who perfectly understands you? The idea of Saffy getting a parakeet is adorable, and also really sweet. He deserves it. 

Couple & Bad Ending - This ending. I think I'm disappointed in myself to say that this one is my favorite. The Thius are adorable, and I'd like to say that they have a fantastic dynamic and chemistry? I don't how much sense that makes given that they're sort of one person. I'd rather not ponder the implications at all. The Ending CG here was hilarious, still laughing looking back at it. May decency rest in peace. Only downside I can see to this ending is that nothing gets resolved with the mages. Oh, and the Thius dying at forty. As for the bad ending, it made me rather sad, even if it's a little comedic in how dissatisfying it is. As is the nature of the game, though; I'd just recommend not to complete it last.

Overall, the game is fabulous to the core, definitely created in Nemlei's entirely unique and amazing style. I'm glad that the game is getting so much well deserved attention early on. Thiu is incredibly relatable, and when they're split up, both Haffy and Saffy are in their own ways as well. I really enjoyed getting Saffy to take care of himself better. Also, Saffy's outfit makes me fucking swoon.

Being somebody who wishes to write, and create VNs, I absolutely loved Better Half- it's clear that heart and soul was poured into the creation of this. Once more, a fantastic game. 

A question, though- for Nemlei, you mentioned that you were working on a larger project that wouldn't be published solely by you, and that wouldn't be completely a visual novel, although it still held a rich story. I certainly might be wrong, but I'd assume Better Half differs from that project, so is that still in the works?

TL;DR - Great game. Loved it. Related to Thiu wayyyy too much. Saffy x Haffy is the new top ship. Go play the game already.

EDIT: Just a sidenote, but what are thoughts about a discord server for Nemlei's projects? it might help bring the community together and help it grow, but since it'd clearly have to be a community endeavor, are there any thoughts on it?

First things first: Yes! This is NOT that project. This was my side project for nanoreno game jam, and that larger project is still in the making. I'm delighted you still remember it's coming! :D

Reading your detailed thoughts was a joy. I'm so happy you enjoyed my work again. ;u; And a bit flattered that you find my writing style is recognizable.

Calling Thius Saffy and Haffy, hhaha!! That's great.

Thank you very much for playing, and sharing your thoughts!

"Saffy and Haffy" YES- omg you are a genius- 

I agree! Having a little community or at least a discord server (if not it’s completely fine :>), I really want to meet other people who enjoy these fun games that I enjoy and also be there to support new games that Nemlei makes when their are announcements :D

Clown Enjoy.

Me Think Is Fun.


I absolutely love it

I'm glad! :D Thanks for playing!

Beautiful idea and well executed!
The music, art & writing is quality. The characters were super interesting!
Thank you for your hard work!
Good stuff <3

Thank you so much for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!! <3

This game is just amazing! i love it :D i like the art style, the story, and such. im going to try to get all the endings :3 i love this game in general thank you for making it!

Thank you, you're so kind. ;u; <3
Good luck with getting the endings!

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Thanks! quq <3 can i just say how happy it made me when sadder Thiu was like "YES!" and so happy in the halved end?- like oml- i think i almost cried-

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I don't know why, but when I tried to download this game, I can't open it? I use a MacOS. I have already verified the developer, but when I try opening it, it automatically quits. Am I the only one with this problem..? :(

Some say extracting the .zip into Applications folder could help.
I don't own a mac myself so I don't know. Sorry!

I actually found Thiu(that Idk how to pronounce correctly) really relatable and I'm a bit concerned about it 😂

The story line is pretty good to me tbh, it really gives off the definition about self-hating, self-conflict and whatever a sad introvert feels on daily basis. The art style, the characters, the colour, dialogues and every bits of it are great too!

I don't know if you're gonna do a sequel or any special after this one but If so, I'll be glad! :D

Thank you for your kind words. <3

I think this story is finished, so I'll move on to other projects. Makes me happy though that you liked it enough to want more.

Thanks again for playing! :D

I downloaded this game a few days ago and it is pure gold! I even downloaded your other free game! will you be making more in the future? is there a way to keep up with your content? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Thank you, and yes, I'll keep making more things. Stay tuned by following me here on itchio! ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

Hellooo! We found out your game and want to translate it to Turkish. Can we do it?

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I laughed so hard playing it! At first I was "It feels so weird jerk yourself in another body" but as things went on, I was "OMG, I want these two together, they LITERALLY complete each other". But, as I am an utterly unlucky, I took the bad ending first and cried hard (I even sent an audio to my cousin complaing about how unlucky I am and crying a little, hehe). After, I took the couple ending and cried of joy. That game was a roller coaster of emotions, thank you so much for the game!

Oh my, so many tears were shed. I wasn't expecting that lol. Glad you got the ending you wanted in the end.

And thank YOU for playing! :D

Wait- how'd you get a bad ending?

When the unwanted guest arrives on the route for the (spoilers) couple ending, give him the wrong response. It initially looked like the right thing to say to me, but the intruder's a tricky bastard.

All endings pog

Pretty well crafted game, the backgrounds, music, characters and animations are pretty neat and blend for a pretty unique style.

I didn't particularly enjoyed the game tho, I felt the humor was trying too hard to obfuscate the actual plot of the main character struggles and ultimately made it hard to keep reading for me (TLDR it got too annoying), I am not trying to be mean or anything, I am just saying I didn't enjoyed it because is just not my type of humor. I mean you did say it was a great read IF I hated myself, which I guess I don't.

If anyone reads this, please do try the game for yourself, I am sure that if the humor and character antics suit your taste you gonna have a blast since the game it's technically impeccable gameplay and story telling wise. It was just not the game for me, but regardless of that I want people to see it and play it because it is well made.

Thanks for giving my game a try! I'm glad you could still appreciate the craft. ^^

almost feels like an AI wrote this

var sad = 0
var happy = 0

func message(text):

                sad += 1

                happy += 1

Heck yeah, I loved Divilethion, and was so glad to see that you'd made a new game this year! And it was satisfying playing a game with a sharp-tongued, witty, and self-aware take on depression. I had to get up and do some laundry in the middle, so thanks for that! XD Your art's gotten even better, and the angular style of the backgrounds, and the cool colors craft a very strong vibe!

Spoiler Talk (Lemme know if you'd rather me delete this to keep spoilers off your page):
In the Merge ending, thank you very much for mentioning that Thiu still talks to himself and refers to himself as "we," when alone. I liked that a lot.

It's always nice to hear someone has played more than one of my games! It's like sheesh, you already suffered through one and here you are again? lololol. Makes me happy!

Thank you for playing my game, and washing your laundry! :D

Good lord this is good! I love this game, I even made an account to comment. I will definetly check out your other works.

Wow, I'm honored! Thank you!! :D
I hope you'll enjoy my other works too, hahah!

I unfortunately cannot figure out how to play the game, someone plz help

Hi! Are you able to run the game at all? Or is the executable file deleting itself or something?

I have it downloaded, I just don't know where to go or what to do to play the game itself. I'm new to all of this so... (I'm 12, not an old lady so I can understand for the most part but yeahh...)

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Here's what to do on windows!

1. Locate the .zip file (probably in your downloads folder).

2. Right click the .zip file, hover over your  file archiver, and choose "extract to (name of the game, usually)"

Like this:

(if you don't have an file archiver to unzip with, you can download something like 7-zip or winrar for free)

3. Go into the folder that gets created, and double click on the .exe file.

I hope that helps! If you're not using windows I'm just as lost as you lol.

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After playing this game, I have to say, you really shot all the right targets when it comes to making it to my "favorite visual novels" collection. The humor was so fucking hilarious,  had me laughing every time. Thiu's self-deprecation weaved in almost hit too close to home. And did I mention the story? Creativity? Dialogue? Color pallette and designs for each character and background? Godamn beautiful. I want this VN in a frame. The characters, too, oh my god. They were all unique, memorable, endearing- I want to rant about them for a second.

Thiu: Right from the beginning I could tell this MC was going to be extraordinary. Deeply wish I could put what I love about him into words, but playing this until 1 am with no breaks has left me brain dead. Happy Thiu: Despised him at first, thought he was going to be annoying all throughout- (chose "tell yourself to shut up", if that adds anything), but as the story went on, I couldn't help but grow fond of him. Hence why I chose not to merge in the end. How ecstatic Thiu was to have a friend was- !!!! I'm melting. The ending scene left me smiling like an idiot. Lua, AKA Jerkface: Hate him. Absolutely hate him. If that was your goal you did a fantastic job. Makes me relate to Vivian, who, speaking of which: You dazzled me from the moment she was introduced. How done she seems to be with everyone's shit only made me love her more. Finally, Tal: Her cheerfulness and attachment to bouncy balls was a bit overwhelming at the start, but in the end tooth-achingly sweet and what simply made Tal, Tal. You write your characters in the best way possible and that's one of the many reasons I'll be playing this game repeatedly until I know it word-for-word.

Q_Q You're too kind! Thank you!! <3

Reading your thoughts has made my week. I'm delighted to know something about my little story has reached you and made you laugh.

Also yeah, Jerkface's name tells you all you need to know about him lmao.

Thanks for playing, I'm so happy you liked it!

I have been going through all the choices in game and still cant seem to find the choice for the bad ending, though other than that this game is great! I love the music and enjoy the art style its a good game!

Thank you!! :D

To get the bad ending, all you have to do is make the wrong choice at the end of the route where someone visits you uninvited.

Okay so I just started playing this game, and OH MY GOD I HATE HAPPY THIU SO MUCH HE'S SO MEAN LIKE WTF lmao maybe my feelings about him will change once I progress further but omg I hate him so much

Oh my, HAHAHA!!! 

Well, it has an interesting aesthetic of magic dystopia and dark themes. Interested on how it will turn out. Though a theme warning should be added in-game?

Well. So both Thiu is still trying to figure out what to do and how to live with each other, interesting....

Oh my their relationship starts to getting 'better'? Though Happier Thiu seems to become more and more miserable, but I think eventually they both will balance it out? Also I'm confused whether to merge or not, on one hand not merging is great but on the other hand it will cut their lifespans.... Unless Lua discovers that anti-aging potion?

Well well well, the mystery of magic starts getting more interesting and it seems now the Thiu are getting closer??? Like actually want to do something??? But oh well, they're both confused.

Finally I reach the end! Was kinda hard to play because I have a busy schedule! I truly didn't expect that bad end would just cut to "they die, that's all", like what. Also figures out why it feels quiet disorienting, the lore is kinda hidden here and there (aka you have to explore many choice to find it)! That's all! Either way nice game!

Nice, I was eager to see which ending you'd get. It was amusing to see you dance around all the swear words too, haha!!

Thank you very much  for playing, and making all these videos. It seems like you had some fun and that makes me really happy! :D

I’ve passed by this game many times in and man did I regret it, having to give this game a try was probably the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was bummed out once I searched YouTube for this game after I finished and got all the endings myself for other people’s reactions with no result, that’s when I noticed this was published 2 days ago and I’m happy to be at least a little early to play this game, planning to play the others as though this might my favorite game so far :) keep up the good work!

Oh my, thank you very much! ^^ I'm glad you decided to give my little game a go!


HAHAAA!! SURPRISE!!!!  I hope it managed to amuse you for a little while. :D

IT DID!!!! <3

I got every single ending and my favorite ending has to be the one when they merge. I have no idea why, but he getting a job and having a slightly better mindset as a whole human is satisfying to me. BUT BUT BUT! THE SELF-CEST ENDING BANNER IN THE BACK HAS MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD I COULDN'T MOVE FOR A MINUTE!!!

Wow I love, love, love this game! The dark humour is written so well and so spot on, and the two Thius really give a super unique, but also realistic, perspective on how one suffers from depression.
dat selfcest tho
Awesome stuff! Thank you so much for making the game.

I see which ending you got HAHA!

Thank you so much for playing, and all your kind words! :D

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I really loved this game!

I just can't find the bad ending tho, I wonder how someone can get it

Thank you! <3

To get the bad ending, all you have to do is make the wrong choice at the end of the route where someone visits you uninvited... <u<

I really like this game!!! I found myself very quickly becoming attached to these characters. I loove the music and the art style/color pallete- it comes together really well. Love it!!

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it! ^u^

I love it! You did an amazing work with this one!!!

Thank you!! T__T <3

Hi! This game was honestly amazing to play through. I've played two endings so far ( the merge and the halved ) both of which i completely adored for several reasons.

Right off the bat, the game reminded me quite a lot of The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde one of the literary pieces I hold most dear to my heart. It's the duality of a person and how each part can interact with the other that really compels me. Here, unlike in that book, no part is completely "evil" or "good" nor "happy" or "sad". which for me was just beautiful beyond what words can describe. 

Not everything is black and white, rather being multiple shades and tones of different colours and I think you did a brilliant job showing that with your game. Not only regarding Thiu, the main character but with the mages as well. Neither of them is entirely "good" or "evil" rather revealing themselves to be much greyer than they first appeared to be.

Overall the game really spoke to me because I think it's fair to say, like most individuals nowadays, have experienced a bluer period and not just recently. So I really related to Thiu a lot throughout the game which is why i had the tendency to go for the more neutral/comforting options.

[ spoiler here for those who haven't played it please do play it first because it truly is worth your time ]

About the endings, of the two I played that is, I honestly don't know which one I like best. Both are bittersweet at the end but fit just perfectly with the story. 

I went first for the halved ending because first of all, i was curious how that would turn out but also because I don't think I could kill off one of them just like that. Like I said it was bittersweet. Sweet and endearing because it's sort of what all of us want inevitably, someone that will be there for us and just not to be alone. Having someone, especially someone similar, just makes a lot disappear. But it was also quite bitter, the prospect of Thiu (both of them) doing an effort to improve their life is commendable for however long it may last but ultimately life will just be the two of them. They are, in more ways than one, still the same person, therefore "stuck" to each other. 

But the merged ending is just as bittersweet. Bitter because well one of the Thius must die, physically at least and the moment before Lua ( funny name it means moon in my native language ) shows up to fix the rest, it was really heartbreaking to see the inner fight between the two sides. That was very reminiscent of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to the point where I feared the ending would be the same but I was pleasantly surprised. 

It was also a very sweet ending because although one of the Thius dies, it's not a literal death in the metaphorical sense, I mean, that "side" of Thiu was never fully Thiu and as long as Thiu lives then either side does as well ( oof it really does sound confusing to write it out doesn't it? )  No matter the ending Thiu remains the same and different at the same time, he'll heal and feel less alone. I also really love how in this ending he gets a job at the shop, I wonder if when they don't merge they ask for a job there.

This has been a long review, sorry I can't really make it any shorter so to sum it all up: This was a great experience I don't really have any complaints other than the fact that the gallery doesn't seem to work? at least for me, I've seen the cgs ( the bathroom, the merge and the halved )  but they don't appear in the gallery for some reason?

All in all, it's a solid 5/5! Congrats hun and I'll be looking forward to see more of your work!

Thank you so much! ;u; Reading your detailed thoughts was a joy!

The gallery not working has me puzzled though, as I can't seem to replicate the issue. Upon reaching an ending, did you by any chance close the game, or return to the main menu yourself before the game took you back?

Thanks again for playing and leaving such a kind review!!

You're welcome! I opened the game up again and replayed the ending to check it. Before i believe i reached the last piece of dialogue and logged into the save i made in the merge/don't merge choice, so i didn't get that final CG in the gallery. I have it now! Well I have two of the CGs, I'm kinda stuck on how to get the other ending/CG

I see the problem now! I had it set so that you only unlock the CG after the last bit of dialogue. I've now changed them to unlock the moment you see the art. (Only the 3 good ending CGs are in the gallery. I figured the other ones aren't that interesting lol...)

 I've uploaded the v1.1 build with the fix. But to get the end CGs in your current build, all you have to do is reach an ending, and keep clicking on until you're taken back to the main menu automatically.

Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention! :D

No problem! Thank you for fixing it so fast on such short notice!

This game fucking rules.  Thank you for making it.

And thank YOU for playing it! :D

You're very welcome! ^u^ Just so you know, I'm reviewing all the NaNoRenO games for Game Curator.  The article should be out sometime in April.

Review's out!

This game was very meaningful to me.  Thank you.

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