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It's The Void's birthday! Bring candy and presents, OR ELSE...!!

A cute but dark little story about two nightmares looking for candy.

- 9k words
- 3 endings (20~mins per read)
- Violence and blood

Walkthrough: [HERE]


- 16:9 and high res version of various assets
- Sketches for the game sprites
- My work process for assets
- All the game sprites

Release date Sep 16, 2021
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(88 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withKrita, Ren'Py
TagsCute, Halloween, Horror, Multiple Endings, Ren'Py, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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This was so much fun to play! Such a great combination of cute and creepy, with a wonderful artstyle. 

This was exactly my kind of aesthetic, I loved it!

I played this game right after its release (it literally made my day when I saw that there was a new Nemlei upload) and here I am again!

All your games are absolutely awesome, from the very first one to this one! I am a really big fan of your work: art, story, humor, atmosphere,... and, if there are more games coming in the future, you can be sure that I am eagerly waiting for them~

Thank you so much!


The art style is wonderful! Keep up the good work!


I love the game so much.


AAAA the Art style is Great!
Love How Cute and Dark the storyline is!
It Suprised me! Its just what I was looking for!
Very Unique ~

I love all your games!!! 


I love this game! Slough and Valerie are precious beans and I also really like Eschar! This was a delight to play!

hello! this may be a very silly request, but your fanworks terms seem to have been last mentioned over half a year ago, and i cannot find them no matter where i look. i was wondering where i'd be able to find them, perhaps? thank you so very much in advance!


You're allowed to make non-commercial fanworks (translations, dubs, mods, videos, etc.), as long as you mention it's a fanwork, and not official. Link back to me if possible. This is not a license, and I retain full copyright to my work.

i see. for clarification, would a fangame fall under these rules? regardless, thank you for your answer!

Yes, a fangame would fall under the same rules. 
And no problem! I hope my answers were helpful.

okay! thank you for your time!

The art style is great, I love the 2D papercraft feel that all of the characters have, it makes them feel active from the backgrounds. The story did get me, I was really not expecting for two of the runs to lead to such dark endings, and it was the first game I had to properly focus in order to get the good ending.

Absolutely beautiful game. Can’t wait to play your next.

Part 1:

I'm so glad I played this. I LOVE IT!!! 😍This game is a masterpiece. Your music was SOOOO good and I had a blast voicing all of them. I was being experimental on Eschar's voice in the beginning so it sounds a bit weird. 😅

Also, quick question was I saying Slough's name wrong? I know I said Eschar's name wrong sorry about that, but I couldn't figure out Slough's name.🤭

I loved this and I see a bright future ahead for you!! Stay healthy and Keep up the good work!!😄

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Great game! I loved the paper cutout look of the characters and the slightly sarcastic commentary of the narrator. The game somehow manages to be both cute and unnerving simultaneously. Overall, well done!


i drew slough 

Nice! And now he finally has candy too!

You have pulled off a truly special experience with Candy Scabs! Your cutesy shrowd of an artstyle was hiding the surprise gore! ... and let me tell you something... It Definitely caught me off guard! Thank you for all the work put into making this game and ever releasing it for free!

All the Bestie Best!  -HardDuckman

This game was fantastic! I love how the gore contrasted with the cute visuals. Really sent a chill down my spine.

Hey, I'm looking for a new horror game to play, but I don't do well with jumpscares- does this have any?


No jumpscares.

perfect, thank you!

Hi, would you be interested in a Spanish translation for this game? If so, please contact me!

Same here, but I'm interested in translating the game in Russian. Looking forward to hearing your opinion on that! c:

(1 edit) (+1)

HOLY SHIT!!??! I once again wasn't updated that you uploaded a game!!!

I downloaded first thing and I haven't played through it yet but having the "Ah" sound effects the moment I touch a candy corn is the best thing I've seen.

Just finished the game.

Valerie needs the biggest hug and is a precious bean. Also how does one pronounce Eschar's name? Esker? Es-car? Esher? Es-CHAR? The biggest mystery~

I don't know why itchio doesn't notify people of my works.... It's been an issue for me for a while now. T_T But I'm glad you found your way here!

Ha! For once I can actually answer that! Here:


They have a voice clip for it and everything!! >:DDDD

This game really is adorably horribly cute!!!
I honestly do love ALL your games so much ~🧡

(god those endings names are just so fitting... Good, Bad and Worst! Ha ha)

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my work.

I also want to say your models are fantastic! The Halloween Time cat one turned out really great. Just looking at it makes me smile!


Oh! Thank you so much having a look and liking it!!! That's so sweet ~🙏

I can't wait for your next game! ✨

I love this game!!!! It's so cute (and disturbing, as I soon learned)!!!!
I just got into visual novel games and am eager to check out your other works!!!!

Below are my play throughs, in case anyone is interested (the game starts at 23:16 for the Halloween video). Managed to get all 3 endings!!! 

Hi, would you be interested in a Spanish translation for any of your games? If so, please contact me!


Oooooohhhhh I adore the look of it~ THOUGH WHY VALERIEEEEEE NOOOOOOOOO


Oh my god. I swear there is a happy end too!! A happy end for all of them!!

Your editing has gotten really entertaining too. The "Okay? Shoot." where you gave her a gun was brilliant. Got me good. xD

Yes I know~ I can make it better to a good ending~.... or worse....


Alright~! The second episode of which now I seek the other two endings. Must say I didn't expect the Worst Ending :') But at least there's a happy end I guess ;-;

Final note: I love the the game, halloween aesthetic combined with cute designs and then thrown into a pit of darkness resulting in this adorable twisted story~


May the happy end wash away the other two for you. And thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. 

Oh yes! It did wash away the terrible crime I've did to Valerie <3 I'm no longer an evil bastard yesssss

Also yeah totally enjoy it!!!

I really enjoy this. Kinda hoping for a sequel with these characters.
(1 edit)

Hopefully it's okay, but I did a playthrough of the game. I got the worst ending first, but proceeded to go and get the other endings afterwards. Though the other parts won't be posted until later this week.

Regardless, I liked this game a lot! All the endings were great and the routes were different enough to keep me interested in what would happen. I felt so bad with what happened to Valerie in some of the endings, though. Anyway, good job on this game!

Part 2

Part 3

DAMN, the worst ending really is the worst!

I love Slough so much! He's such a clueless dork. All of the characters are charming and the music was very catchy!

Very wholesome, I got the happy ending, loved the story. :D

(1 edit)

This is like if Tim Burton did paper cut-out books - adorable but just the right amount of twisted. I find it really funny how it's easier to get the bad ending right away, because usually it's the other way around.

So Cute!!

This is awesome! The art style is so Halloween. I especially liked Eschar's spindly bird legs. The paper cutout effect is great.

Here was my first ending/ Worst ending

I love this game it's cute, spooky, and perfect for Halloween. I had to do every ending. Really loved the choices you make and the character's development in the game.

This game is a sneaky one. I wasn't expecting the end i got. I got the worst ending possible on my first play through and i love how the game makes you feel guilty for it lol. Really loved it. Would recommend it as it has 3 different endings. Music was fine. The characters and environments gave me fairy tale halloween vibes for sure. Good job devs!

Well. I went in blind and immediately got the worst ending.   I release another video tmr with the other endings but God damn it made me hurt.

Thanks 10/10 good game :)

and the other endings!

The best game Nemlei has put out so far. Cutesy stuff + Cthulhu Mythos inspired eldritch abominations.

The 'Void' is a joy to look at. The music by  Beemyu is great.

I got the happy ending on my first run and I can't play it anymore, because I don't want to see anything bad happening to the characters >_< .

Loved the art and story! I found Slough particularly charming, even in... certain endings.

Could you export a Mac version?

What a wonderful visual novel! I really like the visual style and limited color palette! Character designs are also very vibrant and overall interesting. Great work!

Hello! Just wanted to say you did an amazing job with this visual novel!

I adore the art style and fall colors. It's very cartoony, and a dark take on a cartoonish art style isn't something I see too often.  The characters were all very quirky and wholesome (outside the bad ending anyway). I had a fun time reading this, and watching the interactions between Eschar and Slough was enjoyable. 

It would be neat to see a future adventure starring these characters. - especially given their origin and world building that could written. Thank you for taking the time to make this! And I wish you luck on the game jam!

Playing through this was a delight! The art direction rules, I love all the character designs and the music is super fitting.
The bad endings get quite gruesome, which is a heavy contrast to the cuter characterizations, but that just made me even happier when I eventually reached the good ending. You can be proud of making this gem! <3

Hey! Sorry to barge in here but I don't know any other way to contact developers directly. 

I represent a group of translation students and we'd like to translate your game in French for a course project. If you're interested, would it be possible to speak privately ? I know you don't have social media accounts, but we can do it any way you like.

We love your artstyle and we'd be superhyped to work with you! 

PS: as it's a student project, we'd do it for free. 

I'm unable to collaborate, but it sounds like what you're wanting to do falls under my fan-works rules.

So if you agree with the info written here https://nemlei.itch.io/ , feel free to proceed without me.

Parfait! Well, if you want to know the status of our work, feel free to ask!

Again, thanks a lot for this, we're so hyped!

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