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Very wholesome, I got the happy ending, loved the story. :D

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This is like if Tim Burton did paper cut-out books - adorable but just the right amount of twisted. I find it really funny how it's easier to get the bad ending right away, because usually it's the other way around.

So Cute!!

This is awesome! The art style is so Halloween. I especially liked Eschar's spindly bird legs. The paper cutout effect is great.

Here was my first ending/ Worst ending

I love this game it's cute, spooky, and perfect for Halloween. I had to do every ending. Really loved the choices you make and the character's development in the game.

This game is a sneaky one. I wasn't expecting the end i got. I got the worst ending possible on my first play through and i love how the game makes you feel guilty for it lol. Really loved it. Would recommend it as it has 3 different endings. Music was fine. The characters and environments gave me fairy tale halloween vibes for sure. Good job devs!

Well. I went in blind and immediately got the worst ending.   I release another video tmr with the other endings but God damn it made me hurt.

Thanks 10/10 good game :)

and the other endings!

The best game Nemlei has put out so far. Cutesy stuff + Cthulhu Mythos inspired eldritch abominations.

The 'Void' is a joy to look at. The music by  Beemyu is great.

I got the happy ending on my first run and I can't play it anymore, because I don't want to see anything bad happening to the characters >_< .

Loved the art and story! I found Slough particularly charming, even in... certain endings.

Could you export a Mac version?

What a wonderful visual novel! I really like the visual style and limited color palette! Character designs are also very vibrant and overall interesting. Great work!

Hello! Just wanted to say you did an amazing job with this visual novel!

I adore the art style and fall colors. It's very cartoony, and a dark take on a cartoonish art style isn't something I see too often.  The characters were all very quirky and wholesome (outside the bad ending anyway). I had a fun time reading this, and watching the interactions between Eschar and Slough was enjoyable. 

It would be neat to see a future adventure starring these characters. - especially given their origin and world building that could written. Thank you for taking the time to make this! And I wish you luck on the game jam!

Playing through this was a delight! The art direction rules, I love all the character designs and the music is super fitting.
The bad endings get quite gruesome, which is a heavy contrast to the cuter characterizations, but that just made me even happier when I eventually reached the good ending. You can be proud of making this gem! <3

Hey! Sorry to barge in here but I don't know any other way to contact developers directly. 

I represent a group of translation students and we'd like to translate your game in French for a course project. If you're interested, would it be possible to speak privately ? I know you don't have social media accounts, but we can do it any way you like.

We love your artstyle and we'd be superhyped to work with you! 

PS: as it's a student project, we'd do it for free. 

I'm unable to collaborate, but it sounds like what you're wanting to do falls under my fan-works rules.

So if you agree with the info written here , feel free to proceed without me.

Parfait! Well, if you want to know the status of our work, feel free to ask!

Again, thanks a lot for this, we're so hyped!

The art style to this game is so beautiful! I really enjoyed looking at the environments and the character design.  The ending really shocked me due to me thinking this was a very kid oriented game.  Wished the writing was a little more complex but I enjoyed it overall. 

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Simply. Adorable. 

Had such a fun time reading and voicing the characters (^.~)☆

this game looks so cute aaaaaa im absolutely living for the aesthetic 

Haven't played it yet, but I was lured by this amazing design and background for your site, but srsly, I've participated in many gj and I have never seen such a wonderful background for the page :P Will definitely check your game out!

this has to be one of the best games i have played!!!!the storyline and the art are amazinggg!!!!great job and i hope you continue making masterpieces like this!!!! :‑)


Delightful short halloween dark themed visual novel! ^o^ Got all 3 endings! <3

Gave it a little Let's Play, got the Happy Ending 

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AHHH!!! Every new game by Nemlei is fantastic, but this one really knocked it out of the park. You absolutely fall in love with all of the characters, although I'm not quite sure how to feel after getting the heartless bastard ending... Regardless, it was a joy to play! Valerie does remind me of Marionette.


My bestfriend told me about this game again. WHEN I DOWNLOADED IT I FELL IN LOVE- I LOVE YOUR GAMES!! the art is absolutely amazing! i wonder if you are even a human, not even a human can draw amazing and perfectly like this! 10/10

this game was fantastic!

the art was great, and the story was even better, I absolutely loved it. 10/10

I love the illustrations of this game. It's such a cute Halloween story. Keep it up!  

The artstyle is sooooo goood!! looking forward to more

Thank you!!

wow that worst ending really was the worst. I can't believe I got that ending first. The happy ending made up for it though. Somewhat. Great game as always!

Thank you! I'm happy you kept playing to get the Happy end!

Am proud to say I finished the game.

Also proud to say that it pleasantly traumatised me and I'm definitely waiting for more of your work <3


I thank you! I'm glad it was at least pleasant, haha! There will be more.

Oh, it was INCREDIBLE! And there'll be more? That's wonderful, thank you so much. Good luck, will definitely play when it's here, even if it's for pay!

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Yup! I've been working on another, larger game with someone, and it's ever closer to being ready! I'll post about it on a devlog once the time comes.

I'm so excited!!! Good luck!!!!!!!

*loses conciousness*


Got all the endings!

As wholesome as Happy End is, Bad End and Worst End live up to their titles!

I almost felt bad watching as it kept getting worse and worse for you, hahah! And I must thank you for catching those typos. So thank you, I fixed them!

I'll just pretend that Bad End and Worst End never happened. Thank you for that wonderful experience! Haha



This game is a hecking sooky time TREASURE!! Love Nemlei. Love every single game. The Void has blessed us with this game so go play it!! If you don't he'll kill you, then roast you, then eat you, then spit you out cause you taste bad anyway.

And YOU are an all-time treasure! I watched the video, and read your ko-fi post. Thank you so much once again! May the Void smile upon you!!

Sweetest as always so glad to know you <333333

This game was cute and fun, i love the art style as well. Good work.


Thank you for playing!

You're welcome :)

This was so nice to play!!!!! I played all endings aaaaaa I love it so much! You're always amazing me! Keep up the good work!


Thank you for always supporting me! It means a lot!

Am honoured to see you creating a new game, creator-san!!


So i just found this and it was my first time on when i saw this i wanted to play it so i did. Its my new favorite game and i am planning to go as slough on Halloween this is an amazing  game keep up the good work :)

Slough for Halloween?!?! That sounds hecking amazing I literally gasped out loud lol

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Hello fellow chocolate lover! And thank you very much. May you get lots of chocolate for Halloween!


knock knock guess what I'm playing right now >:)


The door is open and I'M READY!!!!!!!!! *_* <3


Loved it! Valerie and Slough are precious. <3


Thank you for playing, and for your kind words! 

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