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You're Lynn!

A High Priest serving a monstrous God called Divilethion, while trying to mend his relationship with his heathen of a brother.

Come now! Human sacrifices and jolly good fun await!!

Almost 10k words, with 2 endings.

- explicit language
- violence
- don't be such a wimp

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Mar 28, 2020
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withKrita, Ren'Py
TagsDark Humor, Fantasy, Ren'Py
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Its been ap while


This was a great game/ I loved the art style of it. The endings felt like we were supposed to speculate what would happen after.  I know that in the end Lynn really did care for his brother a lot.


Fun game! Also Lynn is very gender


i LOVE this game! even though the endings kinda leave you on,,, a some sort of cliff hanger its still amazing. i played both endings and i am obsessed.

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Things I like about this game is that none of the two endings are actually perfect ones, with imperfection which is definitely dark humor;)

I had to play the rest of your games after playing Candy Scabs and Better Half, and this one did not disappoint! The concept was very unique, and as with Better Half, the sarcastic humorous commentary is my favorite. If this game ever gets an extended version, I'll be looking forward to it!

This is short but amazing! I originally played Better Half and instantly fell in love with your way of storytelling and artstyle so I just had to play the rest! This one by far is my favorite, along with Better Half! I was wondering if you ever plan on making a continuation of Divilethion, since it left of on such a cliff hanger? I was also wondering if you ever plan on making a social media account? I'd LOVE to see more of your art and hopefully progress on future games! Keep up the great work and can't wait to play future games of yours!


Thank you! I'll be steering clear of social media indefinitely. As for the future of Divilethion, I have been thinking about it here and there, but haven't yet figured where exactly I'd like to take the story. So maybe someday? But no promises. Thanks again for your interest and kind words!


Thank you for the answer and of course! This is a great story with great potential, plus you're a great storyteller so whatever you come up with will surely be amazing! Absolutely love these twos dynamic (and designs) aswell!! Here's to hoping for more of them ;)


i just want to say that your games are quite unique and honestly there is no visual novel that can be compared, 11/10


i played this originally some time april of last year, and i JUST finished better half and went to see what other games you made, lo and behold you made possibly my Favorite vn of all time. i have nothing much to say other than. youre really good at this whole vn thing :D


Oh my, thank you! ALSO IT WAS FATE THAT BROUGHT YOU HERE ONCE MORE. Welcome back, haha! :D 


Played this and better half in one night, really good stuff, I did all the endings on this one, arts really good as well, everything is really good, I just wish it was a tad bit longer as I would have like to see more of this game but I understand it was probably hard making it, hope to see more great visual novels like this on


I love your art sm! Are you on any other platforms?


Thank you! ^^ I'm only here on itchio.

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I played this last night (after playing Better Half, I just wanted to see more of the authors work) and I wish more people knew about this game!! It is my absolute favorite kind of spooky, and all of the animations were incredible (that first sacrifice scene honestly blew my mind). So, I just want to say thank you for this amazing game! I'm going to play Jack in a Castle next


lol this looks great

the game wont open and i dont know why help please


Are you getting any error messages that you could show me?
If your executable file is deleting itself, you can try downloading the game from my google drive: LINK


This is genuinely one of the greatest games I have ever played. I absolutely loved it! The artwork, the music, the characters... just amazing. If you someday create a sequel to this I can already guarantee I'd throw money at you for it. :')


The only bad thing about this game, its that is so short, loved it! 


man. this is pretty macabre. i like it a lot. i'm an especially big fan of the cg after the first sacrifice is drugged.


Yo. This game. Is the coolest shit I've ever seen. I just love everything about it. The art style, the eerie and festive music, the foul and frank nature of the narration, the UI is also kinda nice too. Hearing the individual characters thoughts made it easier to connect with them and their motivations. Honestly this is one of the best things I've seen on this site, made my week bro.  Keep doing what you're doing.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go check out this "Jack-In-A-Castle" I've been hearing about. Looking at your track record, I'm in for a treat.


Wow, thanks a bunch!! :D This is such high praise, that I'm worried you'll be disappointed in my other (quite a bit older) game, HAHA!! I guess we'll see! 

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Brilliant little game! I was a big fan of Jack-In-A-Castle so really looked forward to this, and I was not disappointed.

Cracking, vivid and distinctive artwork, interesting story (somehow dark and lighthearted together), all carried along superbly by the narration and dialogue's dry and sardonic tone and humour

Oh my, thank you very much!

It always makes me happy to know someone has played and liked both of my visual novels! ;u; <3

Another homerun! Was a little sad there were only 2 endings since I remember Jack-in-a-Castle required more finesse with the multiple endings. But real solid work on the style (and spot-on variations!) of visuals, mad teller, and crazy setting!

Thank you very much!! :D  <3

Oh Man, I love your style of storytelling. It's so relentless... I enjoyed it a lot in Jack-In-A-Castle and maybe even more here. While the story was a lot more minimalistic, the grotesque tone was brilliantly done.

I'm tempted to ask whether this is also getting an expanded version, but on the other hand, it's kind of perfect just the way it is... ^^


Hahah! Thank you so much! I'm delighted you hear you enjoyed both! :D 

With Jack I felt like the short version was too rushed (being my first nanoreno and all lol). But with this one I managed the scope of the project better, and feel like I told the story I wanted to tell! So I will leave it as it is. ^^

Thanks again for playing both! <3

Hello and good time of the day to you! I liked your visual novel "Divilethion" and would like to translate it on russian. Answer as soon as you can, please. Have a nice day!

P.S Praise Divilethion!

Hello hello, and thank you for the offer!

I'm not looking to get this novel translated. It has a lot of visual assets that have necessary parts of dialogue baked in. I just don't have the time to go back and redraw and reanimate them.

Thanks though! :D

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Redrawing and redoing stuff is a translator's problem, not the author's one. Like, if you thought I would translate only text without textures and animations, then you are wrong.

such a cool game! blessed be the all mighty divilethion for letting me come across this nice experience. such a unique idea, also uniquely developed!! would love to have more options and endings tho, thats the only thing id add.

aside from that i rlly liked it both plot-wise and art-wise! cool rlly is the best definition i can come up with.

Thank you kindly, I'm glad you liked it!

I'll be sure to remember your feedback for my future projects! :D

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Your games just ooze style! I really love all the animated bits in this one, they were so cool.

The writing was really great, too. I enjoyed that Lynn didn't magically become a good person (at least not in any of the endings I got) just because he had a fondness for Marrow.  Bless him, the stabby little gremlin.

It was funny and macabre all at the same time and I loved it. Praise Divilethion!

Thank you very much!! :D

Indeed! There is no coming back to being a good person after all he has done HAHA!!

I'm glad you enjoyed my little story. <3

It was very well written, animated and coded!
With some more choices it would have been even better.  
Poor Marrow, though, I got he was going to be selected as soon as I saw him: he was too cute for that world. All hail merciful and benevolent mighty Divilethion, this game was so good! 
Thank you for making it and sharing it :)


Thank you for playing, and for your kind words!! :D

Hahahah!! Marrow? Cute? I see you've made a typo. Surely you meant Divilethion! For it is the most charming, lovely, and handsome creature in the history of existence! Lol.

Thanks again! :D


How can I possibly compare the great benevolent sweet Divilethion to a mere human being? 
Cute isn't enough to express his gracious presence uwu
(Btw you're welcome! The game is so fun!)

love the aesthetic

Thanks! I'm glad! :D 


I've been looking forward to this game since I first heard about it.  And it surpassed my expectations!  Loved it!  ^^  The comedy is great, the art is beautiful, and the game feels polished.  It's animated, lively and over the top in such a fun way.  ^^  Loved all the characters!

Thank you for making this game, I've played it several times already.  :D

Oh my! Thank you for such high praise!! ;u; <3 I'm really happy it exceeded your expectations! 

All praise Divilethion... a truly  twisted tale with both dark humor and a max creepyness factor. Lynn's was definitely my favorite. Kudos and thanks for a great game :3

I'm glad you liked Lynn in all his murderous tenderness lol. Thank you so much for playing, and for the nice words! <3


I would like to play the game but I can't download it.
 can you help me?

1. Click "Download Now" button:

2. In pop-up window there is a link "No Thanks, just take me to the downloads." :

3. Then click the download button once more:

I hope that helps!
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it's nice but my problem is that when i install it,

 it uninstalls on its own . ^^'

(you probably noticed, but I'm not very good at english)


after research I should be able to download the game from another site, but I can't find any

That's weird... x_x  You shouldn't have to install anything in the first place. You should be able to run the game as soon as you unzip the .zip file.
Can I ask which operating system you are on?

system type: 64-bit operating system, x64 processor
operating system version: 18362.720
here are the data that I found
sorry for not responding before, i hadn't seen ^^ '

Thank you! Sorry this is such a hassle. <u<"
Can you show me what exactly you are doing to run the game? And screenshots of any error messages you might be getting?


This is dark, dramatic & funny at the same time. Great work in the jam! :)


Oh my, I think you're the first one I've seen to get the extra bit of dialogue at the end, haha!!

Thank you for playing and making this really nice video! :D 

Hey, it was my pleasure playing. From the artwork to the story, lines, it was awesome. Divilethion's revenge next? ;) 

Deleted 1 year ago

Full points! My goodness! I have been blessed by Divilethion! THANK YOU. T_T


I love it!!! I laughed so much and I really can NOT decide what character I love the most.  I'm so sad this is over and seriously I hope I can get some wallpapers from some the art because it was just so beautiful and creepy and cute and AAAH lol.

If you wanna see my personal reaction feel free to check out the video I made but seriously play it yourself too XD

AWW YES!! I was so hoping you'd play my game!!

Lmao already from the beginning "we'll try to say that name as little as possible" HAHAHAHAH oh, what you were in for!!  You said it right btw :D

Thanks for making this fun video! I thoroughly enjoyed it!! And it was so flattering too, oh my thank you! u////u <3 And your cat is lovely.

Here's that wallpaper for you: LINK

You're so amazing and sweet lol made my day. I'm glad I said it right lol I even practiced before the video XD. I can not wait to see anything else you might make in the future holy moly. Thanks for the link!! (it didn't work for some reason lol but I'm still really grateful)

Noooo!! Don't be grateful for a link full of disappointment! Behold! I have prepared a new LINK ! One that is superior to the previous one!! 


you're so amazing <3 XD thank youuu


Oh wow this game was delightfully f-ed up hahaha. 

Loved the art and the black humor of the whole thing really shined. I thought the ATL animations really made the scenes POP~!

Thank you so much for making this gem!!

Thank you so much! I'm glad we have the same sense of humor hahah!!

Oh yes! I started making this vn with the intention of learning to use the ATL, so I'm happy it turned out fine.

Thanks for playing! :D


The humor somehow managed to convey the deranged  and messed-up plot perfectly while making things fun at the same time. Kudos to you for telling such a wrenching tale with the whimsical brevity of a bored parent reading an inappropriate bed time story for a child.

 Expect fan art sometime in the future.

Oh lord HAHAHAHA!!! What a way to describe it. Love it! Thank you!!

I look forward to this fanart you speak of. Mmm yes yes.


This was great! Your artwork is fantastic and the story was really funny, in a twisted way! Really liked the UI as well. 

Thank you very much! I'm pleased you enjoyed it!! :D


Is it wrong to say that I REALLY want a part 2 to the run away with brohter ending? Because gosh I'm just so captured by this game. And I love Lynn, I wanna see more of him and his sociopathic self!

(1 edit) (+1)

Also, question. Its just a theory, but does Lynn perchance have a part of Divilethion within himself, or something along those lines? And if so, is that the narrator? Like it's the subconciuos evil in Lynn narrating the whole thing?

Ooh, that is an interesting theory indeed! I won't say anything though! Since that takes all the fun out of theorizing! >:D

Thank you for playing! I'm super happy you found it interesting enough to want more!


I was excited to play this game ever since I saw your first post about it and it turned out amazing! I love the art, especially what you did with the animations (like that first human sacrifice scene... wow!)

Having a narrator this time was cool, especially since it was clearly not just a neutral observer. I kept trying to figure out if it was Divilethion itself narrating or just someone who's really biased? I'm still not sure. It definitely gave the game a fun voice/style!

I think what made me initially interested in this game was Divilethion's design since I love weird monsters haha... I was not disappointed, it's such a cool character visually and I enjoyed seeing its interactions with humans. It's such a jerk but in a fun way lol.

Even though I liked Divilethion a lot, Lynn was for sure my favorite character. I really liked how even if he chooses to stay with Divilethion he still loves his brother, and if he chooses to go with Marrow he still loves Divilethion and doesn't stop being a murderous sociopath. He just felt like a complicated character and it was interesting seeing him struggle. I thought the parallels between Divilethion & Lynn and Lynn & Marrow were really intriguing also (I'm guessing that was intentional since it was referenced in the game a couple times?) and I'm still thinking about it a bit. Also I just like Lynn's cute sleepy eyes haha.

Anyway, congrats on finishing NaNoRenO and your second visual novel! :] It's great, 10 out of 10, would play again (I already played it 3 times).


Oh my goodness THANK YOU!

It's scary how accurate your comment is, hahahha!! Like damn, you got it pretty spot on! Great minds think alike, that must be it!! What a delight it is to be so understood, and how unnerving! Don't gaze directly into my soul like that! lol

Thank you so much for playing! I'm thrilled you liked my little game! :D


Hahahaa you're welcome and thank you??! I feel like you looked directly into my brain and made exactly the kind of game I would like, so we're even lol.

But yeah, great job again! Thanks for making this and bringing me joy in these dark times haha.


This was amazing thank you so much for creating this spectacular game. I apologize  for being a bad person and laughing about 70% of the game but i do feel guilty so i'm hoping that makes up for it anyways i really enjoyed playing it and good luck with your future endeavours. xx

HAHA!! GOOD!! Good, yes, I'm glad you laughed! It was my goal all along!! >:D
Thank you for playing and saying something so nice!


yup this was quite different type of story, cool thank you i like it ^^ 

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!! ^^


This was drop dead amazing, love your writing style!! Not to mention the art is so good too-- everything really fit and worked together. Seriously great job :)


Thank you so much! What a nice comment!! Makes my day to know you enjoyed it! :D <3

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