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omg I think I found my new favorite game creator?? :0 how come I didn't find this before-

btw drew fanart of Jack hdjdjkd


I have officially made a casting call for the fandub of Jack-In-A-Castle!!!

Please spread the word so we can make this happen!!!

All characters except Bunnie are open and free to audition for by September 31st!

Jack-In-A-Castle Casting Call

Hi! I purchased the game on Steam after playing the demo a while back. I really like it, and it's been lotsa fun! The writing is really *chefs kiss* However I'm missing one last achievement ("And Don't Come Back" - don't need no friends), and I'm worried that I might've somehow ruined it by unlocking the locked ending beforehand (basically i'm out of ideas on what else could be wrong lmao)? Could I get any hints on how to achieve it?

Hello! Fear not, you haven't ruined it.

During Jack's route Galiathos asks you to describe the music box. Describe lies. This causes a series of slightly different scenes to occur here and there. As long as you follow along Jack's Good End branch, you'll get the achievement (it's towards the end of the route).

Good luck! :D

Ah, I got it! Thank you so much :D

Is there some way I can contact nemlei privately, or is this the only way? Well, I've been thinking about this for a while. I don't have the time currently right at this moment, but sometime in the future, I would like to direct a fandub of Jack in a Castle someday as a series of videos and post them on youtube. I just wanted to know if that is allowed or not.

Now onto the actual review, I just wanted to say I love this game with a passion. The humor and accidentally pressing "h" and finding out they have no feet is top notch. The story (although a little confusing at first) can have so many different possible options, it makes my brain wrinkle in the best way possible. I love the character design and depth, especially with Jack. I... have an unhealthy love for chaotic beings, so that is why I enjoyed Jack's character and interactions with Marion so much. Not just Jack too, all the characters. It's so interesting to see how even a subtle difference can change how the story is effected.

Every character is memorable, and I can remember all of them clear in my mind, even the townsfolk. My memory is usually bad, so it'd be usually rare for me to remember more than 1 name after the first play-through of a visual novel. It may be the because Jack in a castle has the most creative names in existence, however, even if the names and faces of every person were concealed, every person has their own personality and depth so well developed that I can tell every character apart just on how they act. 

The Master is amazing and one of my favorite characters. I was sad the wizard guy didn't appear as much. We never learned his name ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I also would like to put up a petition of getting Annette at least another chef to help make meals so her burden is lightened please? 

Alright, I have so much more to say about this game, but it's so long already and my brain has decided to forget what I was trying to write. In other words, Jack in a castle is a SUPER fun game to play and it's worth it's price and more. The comedy is golden, and the characters, interactions, and story is fantastic. Have a nice day!


P.S. I love the sacks of potatoes. All of the potatoes.

Hello Anna. It is I, Nemlei!!

What you're describing (a fandub video series) is completely fine. Just be sure to mention it's a fandub and not official. :D

If there is anything else you're uncertain about, you can contact me privately via email: nemlei404 (at)

Thank you for your kind review! It warms my heart like a sack of potatoes! ;u; <3

No, thank you for making such a wonderful game!

I purchased this game on steam recently and would really like to see more of your work, but can’t find you anywhere! Do you have any social media accounts I could follow?

Hello and thanks for your support! :D I do not have any social media accounts.

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Welp, I just got this game on sale on Steam, and I've already finished, with every achievment too! It took over 4 hours, and that with a bit of guide-cheating, hehe, but man that was a great ride. The art style is SO cute and I'm amazed at how good the backgrounds in particular are, my adventure game dreams have been hampered by my hatred of backgrounds... the character designs are super good too, imo, and Bunnie was the only one whose gender I was initially confused over. In the end I think he's probably the one I'd pick! Sylvester just struck me as a tiny bit of a pompous knobhead, but i still love him. Also, one of his lines made me curious - is he trans? Jack and the himbo guard were both pretty cute too tho, to be fair. I loved the rather dirty bit of dialogue with the Galathion, referencing wonderland,  that is...

As for the music, I'm almost ashamed to say I recognized almost all of it because I've spent far too much time listening to royalty free music... but that didn't detract from the experience, the tracks were well picked.

Anyhow I'm definitely going to check out Devilethion, and any future games - although the twitter account Nemlei referred to seems to be gone. I might pay for the game on itch too just to throw a little support towards the dev. 

Now back to yearning to be a doll escaping into the country with my gay stuffed animal lover...

Congrats on finishing the game! :D I'm glad you liked the backgrounds!

Oh yes, almost every track was royalty free indeed! I hope it wasn't too jarring, like "Oh hey it's that song from every youtube video ever!" x10 HAHA!!
Thanks to people's support I was able to license different audio for Divilethion though! ;u; So hopefully it's a less distracting experience.

Thank you for playing! <3

Day 3.3 I have finished the entirety of the the game in a staggering 4 hours since my last post. I regret nothing, but if I did it would be that now I can no longer play this MASTERPIECE of a game! The level of content in this game is just amazing, and the story is so well written. I'll admit it was a little trial and error getting those last few endings, but it was worth once I got the BEST ending(s). The secret ending obviously, I mean come on, you can't argue with me on that one. And Sylvester's Route, not because it was the hardest to find therefore making the validation I get from beating it all the more rewarding. But because it had some of the best character interactions in the whole game, and it had one of my favorite character the Master.

He is so funny and crafty, and just annoys the heck out of Marion. I love how he just kept eating and causing Marion so much grief. Everything he does is just all according to keikaku. And Annette, poor, sweet, overworked Annette, arguably my favorite character just from this Route alone. Someone should really help her out, doesn't seem like she's getting enough of it. And can I just say, Sylvester must give the best hugs. Marion looks so at peace, he looks like he's hugging a cloud. But honest, I liked Bunnie more than Sylvester. We've been through so much together, he's near and dear to my heart now. Anyways, I had so much fun playing through this, the character were memorable, and the plot was interesting. You just shot way up my list of ppl whose games I love, right up there next to NomNomNami. I will be watching you from now on. Take that as you will.

PS: After having complete the game I have come to the conclusion that there are only 4, possibly 5, girls in the entire game. I will now list them:

  1.  Annette
  2. Sylvia
  3. The Witch
  4. Townsfolk Lady

and possibly that reporter pinwheel toy. I swear if you tell me I'm wrong I'm gonna lose it.


Ooooh my goodness! Reading your comments put a huge smile on my face! I'm grinning like an idiot as I type this AHAHAH!!

And you're right, almost everyone is a guy. The art has confused many people, it's my bad! Aaaaaaa.... I believe it was a mistake to push the cutesy toy look so far. But I'm delighted you enjoyed the game regardless! :D

Congrats on finishing the game!!! (And even getting the GLORIOUS secret ending lololol.)

Thanks again for playing! <3

Day 3 since starting Jack-in-a-Castle, I have achieved 4 endings and am currently on my way to a 5th. My face hurts from smiling too much, I can confidently say that this game is just as amazing as the hype made it sound, and totally worth the price. Its very well polished, the story really pulls you in and doesn't let go, the soundtrack is bumpin', and the characters are like, SUPER cute. In fact they are too cute, to the point that I was convinced Bunnie was a girl despite the game telling me numerous times that she's definitely not, I still have my doubts to this day. And I kid you not, for the longest time, I did not realize that Marion Marionette, the one with the feminine sounding name, was in fact not a female. I know crazy right, its almost as if this game is about gay romances.

I first had my suspicions after the one and singular instance, so far, of someone using a pronoun to describe Marion, but I simple disregarded it as a typo. Then there was that one really cute scene after Marion saved Bunnie in his route, but I didn't think much of it. After my 3rd ending, my doubts had grown to the point that I could not deny them anymore. I took a moment to rethink everything I knew about Marion. Because a certain something happen between a certain someone in Bunnie's route, I concluded that Marion was a girl... But they didn't HAVE to be a girl.

But Marion wears a dress i thought, but is that REALLY a dress?  Looks more like an apron if you ask me. As i was having this internal dilemma in my head, the part of my brain responsible for good ideas said, "Why not just hide the UI and see for yourself,". And so I did, and it was indeed an apron. Having experience from the whole Bunnie fiasco, I resigned myself to believe Marion was male, but i left a little space to believe that they could be a girl too because I HATE assuming genders.

It was not until i came back here to write what was suppose to be a mini review that I learned the truth. Its amazing what you can learn from watching a trailer. What occurred to me after awhile is that, I read the synopsis before getting the game, and it CLEARLY says Marion is a guy. But i guess when you're excited to play a game you don't really focus on anything else but playing that game. I feel this whole experience was like an added mystery for me to solve and it made it more enjoyable, despite the fact that there was no mystery at all and everything was clearly out in the open and I was just being a dummy, but I digress.

In conclusion, this game is too adorable for its own good, I like overthinking things way more then they need to be or should be, and I should take better care to read and REMEMBER what I read so situations like this happen again. But it was a lot of fun so I might not. I'm looking forward to more shenanigans, I'll keep it brief next time. 

How do I get the Jack's good ending in the full game??? I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING. Jack is the cutest of them all, I want to be her queen.

Please someone helps me!

//This game is sooooo cute and deep thought. My congrats to the creator

Here are the answers you seek! Follow this guide: LINK 
Also thank you for playing!! :D

I wish that you make a second part of this game 

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Awwww crap... I made the full purchase and now I see that the Mac version is only available as a demo. :'(

I didn't see that the Mac release was on another page.

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Hello! I have added the Mac version now. Please give it a go! :D

Still, I can't provide support for the Mac version if something goes wrong. But the demo version has been working fine, so maybe the full version works fine too? I hope so anyway.

Thank you for buying! ;u; <3

edit: spelling

Thank you so much! <3

I'll download it tonight when I get home from work. I'm really looking forward to it!

Hi I love your demo its awesome just a question is it possible to get Jack's good end in the demo, I keep trying and I only got two endings so far I don't know what I am doing wrong :(

Hello! And thank you for playing! :D
I've made a guide for the demo version of Jack's good ending. You can check it out HERE.
Hope it helps!

Yay awesome thank you. Your so sweet. I was so close. I messed up on one of answers. I'm gonna play it tonight I cant wait to see what happens :)

I absolutely enjoyed Jack-In-A-Castle and how it was much more fleshed out than the demo (which was just as nice)!!  

I love the quirky art and character designs.  Jack and his antics have always been my favorite, until Sylvester's route came along to combat that spot.  (But Galiathos's mini route was so cute, too.)  Also, some of the music reminds me so much of those 'bad' flute/recorder tracks I listen for fun to, so that made playing even more enjoyable.   

Alas, I think I spent around 6+ hours trying different combinations to get Jack's two ending after unlocking the others, but still to little avail.  May I please be granted with a guide or sort to get those two endings?

Love your game too much to miss out on any endings, especially Jack's ^_^'

I see we share a love for bad flute/recorder music, hahah!
Thank you very much for your compliments. Makes me feel all happy! Especially since you've plaid for so many hours. :D

Yes you may! I have made guides for all the endings just today! You can check them out HERE.

I love the game, i bought it on Steam! I really like the characters and the art, my favorite so far is Jack, though, I've tried so many times and the only ending i've gotten when I try his route is "King's end" and I just can't seem to get any of his endings, can I get some kind of a clue as to how to get them? I'm completly clueless ;-; Anyways, I really enjoyed the story! Congratulations on completing it!

Thank you for your kind words and support! ;u;
I've had others say they have difficulties with some endings too. But fear not, I've just finished guides for all the endings! They are HERE!

Well, you can see that the demo of the game is very carefully made, on many aspects. Keep it up!
And now when there is a full version you can be delight.

I could be interested in translating into Polish language.

Thank you very much! :D I'm so happy you like it!

If I end up needing a Polish translator, I will remember you!

Good evening, Nemlei.

Truly sorry to bother you. Here's Daniele, from Italy. I'm 24 years old and I'm a graduated in Foreign Literatures and Languages from the University of Pisa (mark 109/110). I wrote and defended my thesis in Spanish (whose name is "A escudero pobre, rapaz adevino: análisis paremiológico-contrastivo del Lazarillo de Tormes"). 
Apart from being a native italian speaker, I posess a C1 level of Spanish (Certificado DELE). Moreover, I took the C2 exam at the end of May. In the next future, I'd love to move to Madrid and teach foreigners my own language. 

I've already translated some stuff from one language to another (normally from Spanish to Italian or either to English), such as: a web site, a catalogue for a museum (Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao) and a menù for a restaurant. Furthermore, I taught Italian to many people by using the app Skype. 

I've just seen that you recently published a free game on Steam.
Unfortunately, Jack-In-A-Castle doesn't seem to be localized in Italian and Spanish. 

I've already translated the game "Welcome To Chichester".

May I try localizing it into both Spanish and Italian? It is not about money, obviously. I'd love to get closer to the localization and, at the same time, enrich my curriculum. As far as your game is concerned, it might be a good occasion to get more popularity.

Truly sorry about all this.

Best wishes,

Daniele Ferrari

I took forever to check out my NaNoReNo haul. Still have others to go through but this is definitely one of my favorites so far. Some typos throughout but can't beat fantastic art style with lots of variations and dynamism, great soundtrack choice, and lots of replayability. I struggled to get the Jack endings the most but finally prevailed. Adding that I would buy an extended version of this; I thought Sylvester would be a route until I came back and checked out the specs, haha. Regardless, congratulations on a great NaNoReNo!

Sorry for all the typos! I hope it was still easy enough to read. I also hope it wasn't too obvious English is my second language lol.

Thank you very much for checking out my NaNoReNo! I'm glad you liked it! :D

I love it so much!! And omg the first ending took me so long to get for some reason xD But finally got them all uwu The artstyle is beautiful, the designs are super cool and I just adore both love interests! Tho I do have more of a soft spot for Jack lol 

Thank you so much! Always makes me happy to hear someone likes my work. <3

Haha, yeah the first one is a bit tricky. Congrats on getting all the endings! :D

No problem! <3 
And thanks! ^^ 

Btw are you working on any other games currently? '3' 

Yes I am! Kind of. I'm making an extended edition of this game. :D
It'll have more story, new route and love interest! And it's currently triple the length and growing.

Omgg! That's so cool >O< I'm so excited!! ^o^

Can you export a Mac version? I'm assuming you're using Ren'Py, so it shouldn't be too difficult.

I've included a Mac version now. But since I don't own a Mac myself, I can't test it nor support it if it doesn't work. I hope it works though! Please let me know how it goes :D

Thank you!

I finished with getting all the endings just now, and I can just say that it was a really cool and amusing experience :D! I enjoyed reading the story and getting to know the characters, also had fun choosing different options for different endings and stuff, really beautiful story, art and everything in general :).

Congrats on getting all the endings! :D

I'm happy you enjoyed yourself. Thank you so much for playing and for your kind feedback! <3

Hehe thanks ^^ :3, and don't mention it :D!! you deserve it ^w^!

This has taught me that it wasn't just Skyrim, I really have a thing for unstable clowns. Anyway I love the artwork it's really refreshing and cute. The characters are amazing!

I'm glad to have aided you in your self-discovery lol!

Thank you very much! I'm really happy you've enjoyed my work. <3

Just finshed every ending in one sitting it was so good! The art style is incredible. I only wish it were longer because I enjoyed it so much.

Oh my, in one sitting! :D I'm so glad you liked it!!

You can get more of the story sooner or later. I'm making an extended edition and it's already double the length of this one (and growing ohoho!) 

Thank you for playing, and for your kind words! <3

So, I found this game after I saw that Nami rated it, and I have to say that I loved every second of it. There were many branching storylines and pathways that I loved to go down and even if they led to the same end goal, due to the character's personalities and mindsets the ends of those branches just kinda fit. I adore the music and sound effects that play every so often, and the style is very unique!!! 

5 stars from me immediately


**Slight Spoiler Alert**

P.S. I can't find the ending between the New King, and King's End 

Oh my goodness! Thank you for playing and for your kind words! I'm very happy you liked it! <3

I almost feel like making some sort of guide for the endings, but on the other hand I wonder if that would kill the fun y'know? Tricky tricky.

You're welcome! Also I wouldn't recommend making ones, as some people may abuse it and not try to enjoy the experience and reward of finding them on their own.


i really enjoyed this one!

the soundtrack is very fitting, i was surprised to see it was all creative commons! it seemed very cohesive and original. and the art is wonderful, i especially loved the backgrounds! the story was fun and unique too, i got almost all the endings (i couldn't find the second to last one haha)

great work!! <3


You... You're...



I was under the false impression visual novels were all raunchy stories, but then I saw your works while browsing itchio, and was so delighted! The art! The cuteness! It made me want to take my writings and turn them into a visual novel too.

So now we're here. Hahaha....

I'm super happy you liked it. Thank you very much! <3


aww wow!! i'm so honored to read this, i don't know what to say! i'm glad you got into making VNs, i'm looking forward to meeting more of your characters in the future :)

I’ve been looking forward to playing it since you first posted on LemmaSoft, and I wasn’t disappointed.  This game is just so stylish and polished! I’ve only gotten 3 endings so far, but I plan on trying to get them all. 

Of course, the art is amazing, but I really like the witty writing as well! One of my favorite parts so far is the letter Marion gets from his master about ‘growing carrots’. 

Also, I’m glad I’m not alone in wanting a Sylvester route! 

Thank you for waiting and playing! I'm glad you liked it! :D

The fact that you enjoy my writing makes me especially happy! I've been very shy about sharing my stories, but now I feel a lot more at ease hahah! Thank you! <3

Hey, I just wanted to tell you again that I love this game! I already commented on it on the lemmasoft forums, but I was working on my game still and didn't have too much time to write up my thoughts haha.

First of all the art is amazing, I love the art style and it got me really excited to try this one. The character designs are so cute and I really like some of the details (like Marion's little marionette hands!). Jack is my favorite, I think because I like the red hair + his cool eyes.

Even though I initially liked Jack the best design-wise, I ended up going with Bunnie the first time through the game, I think because Jack's erratic behavior threw me off a bit. But then playing through it again and trying to do his route, he grew on me A LOT? He ended up being way more sympathetic than I thought in the beginning, which was great. And now he's definitely my favorite haha.

I'm still working on getting the last 2 endings, I'll have to go through it a few more times (I got New Kings, Bunny Love, Full Timer, Runaways, and King's End). But yeah! You did such a great job on this and I would definitely get the extended edition if you made one!

Thank you very much!!

Hearing people like my art always makes me happy!

I was expecting Jack's character to have a bit more mixed reception to be honest hahha! But so far no one has said they hated him yet. I'll take this as a good sign. :D

Ohoho I have indeed started working on the extended version.

Thanks again for your kind words!

This game was so much better than I thought it was gonna be. I was like "Jack is a big oh brat he's gonna annoy me" but by the end his shenanigans warmed me up to him. I was smiling almost the whole time.

That's a relief! Hahah!! Glad it turned out that way. Thank you!! :D

Congrats on finishing NaNoRenO!

I've been looking forward to this because of the fantastic art, and now that I've played it, I'm in love with the whimsical setting and characters too. Bunnie and Marion are my favorites, but they're all just insanely precious and the art direction really brings out their personalities and interactions super well!!

Thoroughly enjoyed this, I got four endings so far and am planning on trying to get the others as well. Count me in for the extended version!

Thank you very much!! :D

NaNoRenO was challenging for sure but here I am!

I'm so happy to know you enjoyed it. And I'm flattered you liked my art since yours is so wonderful ;u; <3

I can only get the full timer and runaways endings can i get any hints on how to get the others?

Sure! Here:

- Jack could benefit from some tough love.

- With Bunny, things don't always have to go according to plan.

I hope that helps. Good luck! :D 

Thank you!!

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Yello Yello. This game is one of the cutest, purest games i have played in a long time. very coolio B) . would play a longer payed version, steam greenlight would be a good idea.

very cute game, Jackie best boi <3

(also, maybe you could also have a discord server for fan art, discussions and such. I would join ^^)

Hello!! And thank you very much! <3

I've decided to make an extended version! I hope steam won't be too difficult when it comes to paperwork and such hahahah... 

I'll give the discord some thought too! If I start one, I'll let you know. :D


The art is BEAUTIFUL and I love both the sort of bizarro-fantasy world and quirky characters you have created! I understand that this was meant to be a short game because it was only completed in one month (!) but I'd love it so much if it were somehow expanded. I feel like the setting and characters are too fun for it just to end like that! (That's just me being selfish, though.) I love Jack and Marion's dynamic, and Marion's design is super cute. 

Now, back to working on getting all these endings, haha...


Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it, even with it being short! :D
I'm considering making an extended version with Sylvester being an added love interest too.
Then  I could sell the extended edition for
lol. Ahahaha. Just a thought for now.

Anyhow, thank you again! <3


I got a bit sad cause the pacing is a bit to fast and that hurts the story. Then I get back to the page and see this was made in a 1 month jam and think "wow, that is some really f***** great writing work".

Love the game and the art style. If you ever intent on making this a bigger game, with a price tag and steam page, let me know so I can giv U muny $$$

I'm honestly considering making some sort of final version since a few people have mentioned wishing this was longer and wanting an ending for Sylvester. Hmm hmm hmm.... HMMM.... Thinking..... "buy an extended edition with a new love interest included!" Something like that... Hmmmm......

My problen is not exactly that it's short. It's just the pacing that seens to fast. Multiple days go by in a few minutes and there is not much breathing room to get to know the characters, nor for the MC introspection you usualy see in visual novels (not that it's realy mandatory, these can get fucking boring too). Adding a few more scenes and dialogs that help develop the characters should be enouth (I know it sounds like filler, but, in my experience, it makes the reading more enjoyable).

Anyway, hope you can find a way to make the game even better. Lots of great games come from jams like these.

I understand! I admit I cut every corner I could to get this done on time. lol... But since the extended version wouldn't have a deadline, I could take my time letting the story unfold on it's own pace without worrying "Oh crap! I won't have the time to code all this!"

If I should point out my biggest regret with this current one, it'd be in Jack's route. Like... He was supposed to be difficult and wary of you, but since I cut off so much of his scenes, he came off more like "LMAO MARION CHECK OUT ALL MUH SECRETS!!!1" hahahaha!!!!


LoL, that is just what I was thinking when I got to the "Full Timer" ending XD


This is super cute! I've been excited for this ever since you posted it on lemmasoft forums! I've only gotten one ending right now but I want to tell you that I have enjoyed my first 15 minutes with it and I'm sure I'll love everything (once I figure out how to get all the endings). Really great job! <3 Will comment again once I'm finished with everything~

Thank you! I was working extra hard so I wouldn't let the forum people down hahaha! So  I'm super glad you ended up liking it!! AHH! <3

AAAAAH!!!! I am finally done with all the endings and I just want to say that it was such a fun ride and everything is perfect! I super love the art (it definitely takes the cake), the music and sfx is just so fitting, and everything is so funny and witty (your dialogue is amazing)! I'm letting all of my friends know about this super short VN because it Totally Deserves The Support™

I love love love the main characters here. They're so unique and different and I always have a soft spot for toys. Marion is quite possibly the easiest character to relate to (like him, I'm probably a bit of dunce at times... lol). Jack is probably my favorite (well, I only had to pick between him and Bunnie, so I guess it wasn't that difficult of a decision haha) because I love his character design, but honestly, everyone looks super cute and original and I think character design is one of your strong suits! (super glad that even non-main characters have their own sprites--Galiathos included!) Everything is visually appealing and pleasing to look at. Bunnie is a fairly interesting character but I guess I already had Jack on my sights for Marion, but I love how both Jack and Bunnie are mischievous.

I know a lot of other people are clamoring for it, so I guess I'll join the party. I feel like I want to know more about Sylvester too!!! He is also cute and I wish he'd have an ending too (.............I'll pay extra :000)

Anyway, cheers! Congrats on conquering Nano2019~ Letting you know that I absolutely love your work (as if I couldn't have stated it enough yet haha) and I hope to see more from you in the future! <3


Thank you so much! This comment has made this whole project worth it! Oh my goodness!

Pay extra hmmmmmm??? Fancy you should say that since I am indeed seriously considering an extended version of this. Like for a dollar or two. The story would be the same, but it'd be more fleshed out and have a lot more scenes allowing for better character development. And there'd be a route for Sylvester too! >:D

Anyhow, thanks again! You've really made me so happy with your words. <3


I really love this game! I got all the endings and I literally? Loved it a lot? (Im sad that Sylvester hasnt his own ending tho orz ) Also.. the art style is sooo cute!! Do you have a DeviantArt or something? I would love to see more of your drawings ;; anyway I just want to let you know that, as your first VN, this is better than a lot of other VN on steam etc. (and I've played a lot of stuff, im really addicted) Good job!
I /really/ hope to see more games made by you in the future!
ps. sorry for my english, its not my native language but I really wanted to let you know that someone really loves what you've created! <3

Thank you very much!! I'm so glad to read that! Your words really motivate me to keep on making games.  
I haven't got any social media except twitter (same handle as here). Even my twitter has been only for the nanoreno but since that's over, I suppose I could also start posting my art there... Hmmm... I'll think about it. :D
Thank you again. You've made my day! <3


I loved it >w< I always do all endings but the bad ones were very hard to do (emotionnaly I mean) I loved your art and I really hope you will make more games in the future (and more sylvester maybe) =3

Thank you so much! I hope the good endings make up for the bad ones, haha!!
You're the second one to ask about Sylvester. I'll keep this in mind. :D

Despite being a BxB game I can't find it using the 'gay' tag on the search bar. May want to change that. :P

Thanks for the heads up! I added the tag.  :D

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I only got 3 ending which is "full timer", "runaways", and "back home'' ! kinda hard to figure out the other ones! hope to figure them all out because this is an amazing game that I will most definitely recommend to my friends the art style is so cute I kinda thought Marion was a girl but then is a b x b and saw she was the main character is there an ending for Sylvester?

Thank you for playing! :D
Yeah haha my art style bites me in the arse again lol. Marion is indeed a boy (Bunnie and Jack too). Sorry for the confusion!
Sylvester doesn't have an ending of his own. But you're almost halfway to getting them all. Good luck!


I really loved the game, the designs are so beautiful! I'm glad I had the chance to play it


Thank you so much for playing my game! I'm super happy you liked it! :D


The art is great, the characters are adorable especially Bunnie's design! The game is so fun and I managed to get all the endings apart from the bottom left which I can't seem to acheive :c I'd love to see more of this sort of game in the future!


Thank you!! I'm so glad you like it. Knowing that really makes me so happy. It's my first novel, so having people enjoy it is such a pleasant surprise. I'm feeling motivated to keep making stuff. :)

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Cool little game! And the art is so sweet, I'm in love with it!

Did one ending so far, the Full Timer one. If I may ask, how many endings per character does the game have? 

EDIT: Well, I've actually achieved New Kings, King Jack, and King's End too. I guess the three other endings are for the other character?

Anyway, it was a very pleasant experience so far! I don't know if I'll do the other "route" though - not even sure if it's Bunnie or Sylvester. It's not that I don't like them (though I like Sylvester way more than Bunnie), but I love Jack so much it's hard to compare. He's exactly my type of character, both his personality and his looks. 

The theme was cool too - it's a nice twist to that kind of story, and I really like that you have to be the "bad guys" in order to achieve the best ending - at least on Jack's side, but that at the same time that's needed for a greater good. I was pleasantly surprised that the game got so serious actually - didn't really expect that. 


Oh my goodness! I have that same problem with the vns I play! I can't clear the other routes after going for my favorite. It's just impossible! I get too attached.

You're right. The other 3 endings are for Bunnie. I'll say you're missing out on some scenes with Jack by opting out, but at the same time I FULLY UNDERSTAND!! lol

Thank you so much for your kind words!  I'm really happy you played my game and enjoyed it.


Aw, you're welcome - I should be thanking you for making such a precious game, to be honest! 

I tend to start with characters I'm moderately attracted to, so I won't be bored or get a bad first impression, but I should be able to continue playing other routes afterwards. Then I do the characters I like the least and finish with the ones I like the most. Unless someone unexpected becomes my favorite after doing their route, it usually prevents me from not playing the entire game. But at the same time, sometimes I like a character so much I don't even feel bad about doing only his route - I'm like that with a fair amount of my favorite games. And well, it's like that here XD

Even if this game is short (usually the longer it is the more I like it), it's gotta be one of the visual novels I've played recently that left the biggest impact on me.


Your way of doing it sounds like a good idea. I think I'll give it a go next time I play something.  :D

I'm really pleased you like Jack that much. Haha! Also the fact that you found my game impactful despite the length makes me feel all flattered. jkladjkasdjskl!!! <3 Thanks again!